Hardwood Flooring

Warm & natural hardwood floors that outlast most floor types since they can be refinished at any point to bring a brand new look to your house every time.

Solid Hardwood Flooring In Lancaster PA

Maxamus Projects LLC believes that hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful and charming character features in a home. What is a beautiful kitchen with a dated linoleum floor? Or a grand staircase with old worn tile? Hardwood is what brings elegance, character, and simultaneously practicality to homes. It comes from trees that lived out their lives under sunny skies and rainy nights, enduring humid summers and frosty winters. Each plank tells a story of a tree that once lived and now their story continues in your home.

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Upgrade to Solid Hardwood Flooring

Many upgrade from dusty worn carpets, cold and cracked ceramic tile, or dated linoleum floors. Carpets create dust and stain easily, ceramic tile is cold and grout lines get dirty, linoleum is typically soft and easily gets damaged. Hardwood is low maintenance, it lowers dust levels in a home, it does not stain easily, it is not cold like tile, and unlike all these products it can be sanded and finished for a refreshed brand new look up to eight times. It is no mystery that among these things, hardwood will typically raise the value of a home. It is most common to install pre-finished hardwoods in today’s day, with a stain and polyurethane. Get information on the financing available for hardwood flooring when you call today!

Engineered Wood Flooring

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered wood floors have birch/pine or other softwood layers in their core, but the top layer that is visible is the nice wood layer that gives it its name such as oak, maple, hickory, Brazilian cherry, etc. Typically this top visible layer is pre-finished with a stain and polyurethane. The core layers alternate grain direction from one layer to the next making engineered wood structurally more stable than hardwood. The wider a solid hardwood plank is, the more the hardwood will shrink in the winter and expand in the summer. Gapping may sometimes occur in hardwood in the winter as it shrinks, and this is perfectly normal. It is not the case with engineered wood floors. Thanks to the numerous core layers, engineered wood floors are much less likely to shrink and expand regardless of the plank width. Additionally, crowning or cupping is much less likely to occur with engineered wood floors.

Since engineered wood floors primarily use a less expensive wood like birch or pine as their core layers, it IS a less expensive product than hardwood. It is generally about 25% less in cost than hardwood but prices may vary significantly depending on the product. Due to its thin veneer layer, however, most engineered wood floors cannot be refinished. Therefore they usually have a shorter life span than solid hardwood floors.

Contact Our Solid Hardwood Flooring Company

Once again, we are here to help shine a light on what products suit YOU best, while at once keeping in mind your budgets that are at play. Once a solid hardwood or engineered wood product is selected, we take it from there and you can sit back and enjoy the show! Remember, your floor is in the hands of professionals who will ensure that your floor will get installed properly and with utmost detail. Thanks to our vast experience with many of these products, we have no doubt that you will be thrilled with the results. Contact us today for a free quote!

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