Why Finance Your Flooring Installation With Maxamus Projects, LLC?

The answer is simple. Because we believe that quality, long-lasting flooring materials should be available to everyone, right when they need them. By financing your flooring installation with Maxamus Projects, LLC, you can get the flooring you need now, without the financial setback. All of our flooring financing comes from PowerPay, which is designed to offer great financing deals to home and business owners. If you need a new hardwood, vinyl plank, or laminate floor in your home now, fill out a form to get a free, no-obligation quote on our flooring financing!

Vinyl Plank, Laminate, & Hardwood Floor Financing

A huge benefit of financing your flooring installation with Maxamus Projects, LLC is that we offer financing on all of our flooring materials. These include vinyl plank, laminate, hardwood, and staircase flooring. Upgrade your home for the long-term with a new floor installation you can afford.

The best thing about using financing for your new floor is that we offer soft-pull financing for every quote.  That means that your credit score will not be effected until after your flooring project is completed. There is no hit to your credit score for just applying or getting a free quote.

Get Flooring Financing By Applying Online Today!

Applying for flooring financing has never been easier. All you need to apply and qualify for financing with Maxamus Projects, LLC are the following:

  • A credit score of at least 600 or higher
  • An annual income of $42,000 or higher( total combined income)
  • No credit issues, credit expungements, or bankruptcies within the past five years

If you fit into those categories and are interested in getting a beautiful new floor in your home, apply for financing with Maxamus Projects, LLC. Click the button below to go straight to PowerPay’s website to apply for financing today!

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