Solid Wood Staircases
Solid Wood Staircases

Solid Wood Staircases

Staircases are typically the focal point of a home. They are usually located in a foyer area and is what welcomes people at the front door. All too often, homeowners install a beautiful hardwood or laminate floor, and later wish they would have done the stairs as well.

Nothing stands out in a home quite like a well-installed wood staircase. Many staircases are covered with carpet as they begin to wear and no longer look as appealing as they once did. Carpet wears fairly quickly as compared to hardwood, especially on a high traffic area of a house like a staircase. Unlike hardwood, the carpet also stains easily with spills or pet accidents. While carpeted staircases can last a decent amount of time when properly maintained and cared for, there does come a time when they need to be replaced. You know that it is time to upgrade your staircase when you can see a footpath in the center of your staircase.

laminate wood interior staircase

The Value of A Stair Installation

The price of installing wood staircases is somewhat offset by the value they add to any home. Wood stairs last a long time, and they lend elegance and sturdiness to your home. They are well worth the investment over the life of a house. When choosing a type of wood and color for your staircase, consider what will best bring out the colors already in your house, and which stairs will best fit in with your current style.

Retrofit stair treads are very commonly used on staircases. They can be made of hardwood or laminated MDF. With the flooring products we install, whether it’s hardwood or laminate flooring, matching stair treads are typically available. It is possible to closely match your existing floors as well, although much more challenging.

While stair treads are important, we find that homeowners typically overlook stair risers and don’t give them much thought. Risers are the vertical parts of the stairs. The benefit of installing retro-fit stair treads is that typically new risers are not necessary, because the existing risers can simply be touched up and painted. As we inform the customer of this, they select to do just that; to paint the existing risers white. Why purchase and install new risers when you can simply paint the existing ones and have the same outcome? Usually, homeowners don’t mind painting themselves so they opt to do that themselves, saving costs as well. New risers CAN be installed if desired and depending on the condition of the existing risers sometimes must be installed. We have come across cracked/damaged risers, or ones made of OSB, in which case new risers are certainly needed.

Detail-Oriented Stair Contractors

Our previous customer will agree, our intense attention to detail in staircases is second to none. We will help you find the right wood for your staircase followed by a professional-quality installation. Your finished staircase will be both safe and aesthetically pleasing. Staircases are one of our specialties and we have the experience and attention to detail to bring life back into your staircase!